Agro Shade Net

Shade net is a polyethylene (HDPE) material by adding UV stabilizers, anti-oxidants, the pipeline from the production of lightweight, high-strength, anti-aging, large-area coverage to promote the new multi-purpose materials, the ability to adjust control environment, optimizing climate and improve plants in the growth of adverse climate conditions, is a realization of security or high-yield, high-quality agricultural cultivation techniques. In vegetables, flowers, edible mushrooms, fruits, medicinal herbs aquaculture industry, and other fields have rapidly expanded and made obvious economic benefits.

Shade Rate: 30%~95%
Weight: 60gsm~350gsm
Width: 1~6m, Other size is available upon request
Length: 20m~100m
Yarn Type: Tape+Tape, Mono+Mono, Tape+Mono

agro shade net 1 1 300x167 1
agro shade net 2 300x167 1
agro shade net 3 300x167 1
agro shade net 4 300x167 1

How the agricultural shade cloth functions:
Agriculture shade mesh is UV stabilized to promote reuse. It offers protective covers specifically for agricultural use to enhance earlier, higher yields and protection against winter weather, spring freezes and pests. This kind shade mesh can increase soil and air temperature during daylight hours and it slows heat loss and aids in maintaining soil temperatures at night.

vegetable shade netting
shade flower cloth
green shade netting
black greenhouse netting

Factory & Packing:

agro shade net factory scaled
agro shade net packing scaled

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