Windscreen Fence

From professional tennis and golf events to construction sites large and small, Windscreen Fence have been used as quality available. The windscreen can attach to any fence to make you an easy and economical solution to just about any field enclosure or outdoor court. There are a variety of the toughest fabrics available. User can choose weave openings from 70% to 100% to meet all privacy, wind and background requirements.

•Maximum UV Sunlight Protection
•Constructed of new high density material- polyethylene, allows maximum air to go through.
•Prevents harmful UV sun lights from damaging for up to 90%.
•Grommets on each side of fabric to ensure strength, and it’s easy to install.

Privacy Fence Black
privacy fence net
Windscreen 1

Windscreen fences is widely used as baseball fence screen and tennis court fence screen. Sometimes the fence can be used in the field of industrial, construction and military. Some people even use it to protect the personal property.

black Windscreen Fence
beige Windscreen Fence

Factory & Packing:

Privacy Screen Fence factory scaled
Privacy Screen Fence packing

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