Safety Debris Netting

Safety Debris Netting is the Highest Density knitted shade cloth fabric especially designed for the Fencing and Scaffold Industry.

Technical Info:
Colors: Blue, green, orange, etc.
Weight: 32gsm~230gsm
Width: 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m, up to 6m
Length: Can be custom made.

• High density knitted polyethylene mesh netting
• Edges include reinforced buttonholes for fastening
• UV treated & protected
• Tear-resistant mesh, will not unravel when cut

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safety debris netting 1024x678 1
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Plastic mesh netting is used as vertical debris protection in windy areas, sandblast curtains, scaffold enclosures, vision barrier, wind protection, protection of pedestrians, vertical & horizontal debris netting and other safety uses.

Factory & Packing:

safety debris netting factory
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