PP Non-Woven Weed Mat

PP non woven weed barrier fabric is an easy-to-use, environmentally safe fabric that controls weeds before they start.

·Material: 100% Polypropylene, with or without uv
·Weight: 10gsm ~ 300gsm, as per request
·Width: 600 mm ~2400mm (max 2.4m, can be cut into any size) any colors as the client’s requirements
·Length: 50M, 100M, 200M, as per request
Common Size: 1 x10m, 1x 15m, 1x 50m; 2 x10m, 2 x15m, 2x 50m; 1 x 100m, 1x 200m;
1.5 x 100m, 1.5 x 200m

PP Non Woven Weed Mat Ground Cover Weed Barrier Mat
weed control fabric 1
weed control mat

1.Good tensile strength, no deformation
3.Good air permeability
4.Hydrophile, Water-resistant
5.Soft,Lightweight, Wear resistance
7. Waterproof,Anti-static,anti-uv, Anti-bacterial,Anti-microbial
We offer different types of weed control fabrics to suit all applications and budgets.

1.Protect plants from frost, cool nights, wind and heavy rain
2.Protect plants from birds, insects, deer, rabbits and other pests
3.Lightweight breathable fabric allows air and UV light to reach plants.
No need to remove each morning and replace each evening. It will not damage plants.

weed barrier
weed mat 1

Factory & Packing:

non woven weed mat
weed mat packing

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