Elastic Bungee Tie

Elastic tie with puncture tip on one side, with J-shaped toggle on the other side. Inner high elastic latex thread with tenacity polyester cover incorporating a high impact toggle & hook at each end.

• Used to safely and securely fasten scaffold sheeting, reinforced poly and tarps to scaffolding or other structural framework
• Easy to install, easy to remove
• Save time, labor & energy during installation of scaffolding enclosures
• Allows sheeting to be installed from inside the scaffold frame; not outside

bungee tie 1
scaffolding sheet bungee tie
elastic bungee tie

Toggle ties are most commonly used for fixing scaffold sheeting. But they can also be usd to tie tarpaulins down, banner, and other items.
Use scaffold sheet flexities to keep scaffold sheeting secure, and your site looking professional. They work to prevent scaffold sheeting from coming loose in the wind or blowing away. They are designed with safety in mind, so that in very strong winds they will break and allow the sheeting to come loose, avoiding any potential dangers and damages.

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